Buffalo On Tap Harvest Festival was a success! The beer was a-flowin' and the people were a-minglin'! With over one hundred different beers to try, people got there money's worth in beer sampling. The VIPs got a taste of something new as well, the Sour Beers. Sour beers are latest trend in craft beers and a popular section and this years festival, but what are they really all about? Dale and I decided to jump in head first and give it a try. Here's what we thought!

Sooo.....sour beers aren't for us! But, I'm glad I got to taste before I went and bought a six pack! That's the beauty of Buffalo on Tap. Dale did find a couple of beers that "he would drink if there was nothing else on earth," which in Dale speak is "I really like this beer". He really liked the Blueberry from Ellicottville and Cinnamon Apple from Big Ditch.

What were your favorite beers from the Harvest Festival?

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