Thursday June 1st marks Dale Mussen's 40th year on the air in Buffalo. I have had the pleasure of being along side Dale for many of those years and have been trying to recall some of my favorite memories. One of them is definitely when Dale and I visited The Niagara Gun Range.

Dale and I have experienced many things together. From meeting George Strait at his festival in Orchard Park to broadcasting from The Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas, it sure has been a fun ride with a legend in radio.

Dale and I have many of the same interests. However, we are certainly different in some areas. One of them is guns. I have been around guns since I was 12 years old and have tried to share some of my knowledge with Dale about firearm safety and guns in general. We took a tour of The Niagara Gun Range in 2011 and Dale was able to get his hands on a semi-automatic rifle and a military style machine gun as well.

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