It's been less than a week since the accident in Cincinnati that sent Damar Hamlin to the hospital.  Now, he's hoping to give back to those who helped him.

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You know the story by now.  It has been nothing short of a miracle.  Damar Hamlin suffered a blow on the football field in Cincinnati that sent him to the hospital and had people around the world wondering if he would ever recover.

Now, not only is he on the road to recovery, he's doing it much faster than anyone would have ever imagined.  He started by communicating with the doctors with a pen and paper.  Then they removed his breathing tube and he was able to speak.  He inspired the Bills with a quick facetime message before their team meeting.  Now he's on social media talking with the world.

It certainly wouldn't have happened without the quick work of some very skilled first responders.  The medical staff from the Bills and the Bengals, and the emergency team at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center are all being applauded as heroes for saving his life.

Now, he wants to make sure that they get a little love too.  Damar Hamlin's charity got an astronomical boost from donations of people around the world to help give toys to children who are less fortunate.  But he wants to be sure that the people who actually saved his life get a little love.

They've created some t-shirts hoping to raise some money for them.  His tweet reads:

"We all won. I want to give back an ounce of the love y'all showed me. Proceeds of this shirt will go to first-responders and the UC Trauma Center. Go get yours!"

The shirts all say "Did We Win?" and have a picture of hands making a heart symbol which has become known as his signature move.

If you'd like to get one, they're available by clicking here.

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