Thursday and Friday offered up the best news regarding the ongoing recovery for Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin.

On Thursday, doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center confirmed that Hamlin had made remarkable progress from his condition on Tuesday and Wednesday, while also showing signs of being neurologically intact.

On Friday, the Bills confirmed that Hamlin's breathing tube has been taking out and he addressed his teammates via Zoom on Friday morning. Hamlin didn't say much because he's still recovering after his cardiac arrest on Monday night, but his words to his Bills teammates were, "love you guys."

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The week 18 games across the NFL will happen this weekend. The Bills and the rest of the league will have signs of support on Saturday and Sunday.

According to an NFL's memo sent out on Friday, the league will have encourage all 31 other teams to have a moment of support with an announcement. That announcement in pre-game will also support and thank first responders and medial professionals.

All teams will have the ability to paint the number 3 in Bills blue or red, in support of Hamlin.

All players will have the option to wear black Nike t-shirts that say "Love for Damar 3." The Bills will be wearing the same shirt but in royal blue. New Era hats with the number 3 will also be worn by the Bills staff.

The Bills will also wear the number 3 patch on their jerseys during their game against the New England Patriots.

The NFL and the Bills have made it incredibly clear that there are things much bigger than football and what happens on the field.

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