The fight against cancer is one that requires a great deal of hard work for the patient, their family and the doctors and staff that assist them. This month, we spotlight the battle WON by Dan Covino, whose daughter wrote in with his amazing story of beating cancer.

Dan was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma, and with support from his family and Roswell Park and faith in God...he has beaten it!!

Julie wrote in to say that:

I nominate my dad in that he has always given himself and sacrificed for our family. Working at Roswell Park in Pathology, I see patients in the background, never coming face to face with them. Until Feb. 2011 [when] "that patient" became my dad. Your world changes that very second. His hardest task was to mumble those words to his family "I have Cancer". As the strong patriarch of the family, it was a moment of weakness. I saw in his eyes the fear and uncertainty. He never really showed it though. He owned his battle in that he was determined to have a positive outlook, to beat cancer. At every chemo session, he kept his sense of humor, was humble and showed his strength through his behavior. He would say, "I'll see you at the big R" on days of his clinic visits, where I would meet him and my mom. He fought a hard battle against stage 4 non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and in October 2011 was deemed all clear. He goes to Roswell every 6 months, for checkups, has participated in the Ride for Roswell. He's a dedicated man who when asked "Are you gonna beat this?" his reply was "What choice do I have? I don't like the other option".

He has kept his word, and this past month was 2 years cancer free. My dad is a hardworking, selfless man who through months of not feeling well, foods not tasting right, loss of hair and energy, still watched his grandson, never gave up on life. Watching my dad go through his battle makes you remember that every task you do while working at Roswell matters, because that person and their family goes through what we did. I am very proud of my dad. I don't often tell him. He never asks for much, which is why he'll always be my hero.

Take a listen to my chat with Julie and Dan!

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