For local fans of the TV show Jeopardy, it’s always fun to see someone from Buffalo on the show. It’s even more fun when they win!

Dedicated fans of Jeopardy love the quiz show for the nostalgia it brings. We may have watched it with our parents or grandparents, and it brings back a lot of cozy memories.

It’s also a blast to play along at home. It may trigger some fun facts you had forgotten about, and often gives you an opportunity to learn something new.

Even though we may daydream of being on Jeopardy, most of us don’t have the smarts to actually make it on the show. It’s incredibly tough to be selected as a contestant, and winning a match has even lesser odds.

One Buffalo local was lucky enough to not only be picked to compete, but get invited back for a second time.

Amherst, New York Resident Is Now A Jeopardy Champion


Pam Sung, a leukemia physician/scientist at Roswell Park, is the latest local resident to walk away a winner on the famous TV show.  After a $20,000 first-place finish on Wednesday night’s Jeopardy Second Chance Tournament, she’lll compete tonight and Friday in the finals.

She told WIVB

“It was a lifelong dream of mine and I get to be one of the few people who gets to do it twice.”

Born in Hamburg but currently living in Amherst, Sung revealed on the show that she’s been watching Jeopardy her entire life along with her parents, who drove her to and from several Jeopardy auditions since she was a teenager.

When she finally made it onto the show in 2021, she unfortunately lost - but thankfully, she’s redeemed herself. We hope she walks away a winner tonight.

Jeopardy Contestant Works At Roswell Park

Pam Sung doesn’t just use her brain to compete in game shows, she puts her extensive knowledge to good use right here in Buffalo.

Sung, who specializes in leukemia, is the head of a lab that researches blood cancers at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in downtown Buffalo.

You can watch Pam seal her win in Wednesday night’s Final Jeopardy below.

Western New York  is rooting for you, Pam!

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