As can now officially say that summer is here in New York State and put spring behind us, there is no doubt we will be outdoors more often over the next couple of weeks. When you explore the great outdoors, you may see some things that are really unique and, in some cases, dangerous.

There seems to have been more bear sightings in the Western New York area this spring. All over Erie County, there have multiple bear sightings and reports.

From Alden to Eden, we have had reports of black bears moving through backyards and golf courses looking for their next snack. The bears seem to really enjoy the easy targets like a bird feeder or open garbage tote.

The Orchard Park Police have issued a warning on their Facebook page after another bear was spotted roaming near Cole Rd in the Town of Orchard Park.

This comes just days after the video below was sent to us of a bear caught on a trail camera near Eden, NY. This was just a day or two after a massive bear was seen in the Alden-Marilla area.

There are tinier things to be aware of as well. My son and I found this moth on our front steps early last Saturday morning. It is a pretty looking moth and after some research, it appears to be a tiger moth.

The tiger moth is neat for a variety of reasons and one of them is the legend that it can predict the severity of the seasons.

The larva, known as the banded woolly bear, is brown in the middle and black at both ends. According to superstition the length of the black ends predicts the severity of the coming winter: the shorter the black ends, the milder the weather.

Photo by: Clay Moden

There are a few things to beware of related to the tiger moth. The larvae is the biggest concern and, according to at least one report, should be handled with care.

The woolly bears have fine bristles on their bodies, and if you touch them with bare hands, the hair can cause hives, rashes, and irritation.

Photo by: Clay Moden

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