It's been very cold in Western New York the last week or two and it's going to get even colder as we get into the weekend.

WIVB 4 Warn Weather reports that there's a strong possibility for dangerously cold wind chills this weekend, particularly Sunday and Sunday night, which just happens to be Valentine's Day.

Wind chills in the negative 20s are possible!

Arctic air is pushing into Canada and the United States and it looks as if that bitter cold won't be leaving us, at least until sometime next week. There is also the possibility of widespread snow showers on both Friday and Sunday.

I like to refer to this weather as "I don't want to pump gas or walk my dog" weather. The activities where you're just standing in one place is not ideal with wind chills this cold. If you do have pets, make sure they're not outside long as this cold can be very dangerous.

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I'm hoping this cold lets up by the end of the month, however, and we can look forward to spring. I know, it's still five or six weeks away but I'm counting the days on my calendar until we can finally be rid of this weather.

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