One Lockport restaurant opened their doors over the weekend for a “West End Hooley,” and the happy-go-lucky mood was quickly lost when the night resulted in selected theft from the business.

Locally businesses are a novelty that have already faced so many more challenges than we could ever imagine due to the pandemic. COVID-19 regulations may have cooled down a bit since March 2020, but trust me, the effects are long-lasting from the deficit that many local businesses in Western New York are still fighting to overcome. 

So stealing from a local family business in Lockport definitely does not help their situation at all. 

In a post on the Danny Sheehans Steak House Facebook page, the incident at the “West End Hooley” was detailed. 

Unfortunately during the West End Hooley yesterday someone thought that our pictures on the wall were free to take. We will be reviewing all of our security footage today and hope to have a picture to post, and share with the police. If anyone saw anything please contact us, the items can be quietly returned and left at the door. Thank you in advance.”

Many Western New Yorkers were frustrated by the theft, but one woman named Deb made a good point in the comments section of the post. She said, “all the years they have been on the walls, and someone takes them now? No doubt, someone is having them reproduced for a reason, which sadly, perhaps might need to be done now, and originals tucked away. I am so sorry, that there is just no respect any more. The, "I'll take what I want" attitudes are what we now live with. IF they are located, the guilty will get a slap on the wrist, so that they can do it again.”

The post was shared over 200 times in hopes of catching the person who stole the pictures on the wall. 

But luckily, the person(s) came to their senses within a matter of hours. 

The update read: 

“The pictures were returned! Thank you for correcting your mistake, we won’t take any further action but please know you will not be welcome in our establishment again.”

Being banned from the restaurant may seem like strict repercussions, but think about how disrespectful it was to steal something from a locally-owned business.

A lot of business owners have to work another job to pay off operation expenses, and even then, a majority of these businesses have been struggling to stay afloat since the pandemic especially. 

It should be self explanatory, but don’t steal. Even if you think it’s the temporary solution to your problem, dig yourself out of your own hole, because stealing from local business owners only puts them into the metaphorical “hole” you are trying to get out of.

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