Remember when you discovered the truth about Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy? 

Brace yourself - this could potentially feel like that.

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Wegmans Food Markets have called Buffalo one of its homes since 1977, but fast forward to 2022 and Wegmans has over 100 locations in seven states and is now one of the largest supermarket chains in the country.

However, to some of our neighbors just down the 90, Wegmans is still a 100% Rochester, New York grocery store- and it always will be.

Wegmans has been the pride and joy of the Rochester area for decades.

Since its founding in 1916, loyal Wegmans customers have walked the aisles of their beloved supermarket and hung their hats on the fact that Rochester is where Wegmans was born. Ask any Rochesterian, and they’ll tell you: Wegmans belongs to them.

That explains why a friend visiting from the 585 sent me a distraught text about something she spotted in the meat case of a Wegmans here in the 716.

Danny’s Born In Buffalo Wings

Anyone who passed a second-grade English class could potentially understand why she was confused. That apostrophe in “Danny’s Born In Buffalo Wings” could be interpreted in two very different ways:

  1. As a POSSESSION: These wings belong to Danny, and the wings were born in Buffalo. 


      2. As a CONTRACTION: Danny WAS born in Buffalo.

So, why is this a big deal to people from Rochester?

The Wegmans family has been considered Rochester royalty for decades, and Danny Wegman, the eclectic chairman and grandson of one of the store’s co-founders, has been a famous face of the brand. He, along with his daughters, can often be spotted at their Pittsford store (the Taj Mahal of Wegmans to most Rochesterians) and other locations around Western New York visiting his customers and attending special events.

Could the name of these wings suggest that Danny Wegman isn’t that “Rochester” after all?

Calm down, Rochester. Danny Wegman wasn’t born in Buffalo.

A quick Google search confirms what everyone already knew - Danny was born in 1947 in, yes, Rochester, New York.

This video also confirms that it is indeed the chicken wings, not him, that was Buffalo-born.

Rochesterians can go ahead and breathe a collective sigh of relief. And don’t worry, we’re okay with it here in Buffalo. Danny Wegman seems like a cool guy and all, but we’re fine if you keep him because, in all honesty,  Buffalo’s pride and joy will always be the chicken wings.

Chicken wings WERE born in Buffalo - and don’t you forget it.

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