We've got some awesome rollercoasters here in Western New York.  It's hard to believe that this one has been around for 33 years.

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Does this picture look familiar to you?  If you've been around Western New York for a few years now, you might recognize this picture from Darien Lake.  It's a picture of the construction of one of their most iconic roller coasters.

When Was The Predator Built?

The Predator was built in 1990 and is the only wooden roller coaster at Six Flags Darien Lake.  In its description, they say that it maxes out at 50 miles per hour and has a top height of 95 feet.  It also has the tallest wooden roller coaster drop in New York State.

Now, they're calling it a Hybrid Rollercoaster because it was converted to a wooden coaster with a steel track.  It was supposed to make it a smoother ride.

How Smooth Is The Ride On The Predator?

If you're looking for a smooth ride, this is probably not the coaster for you. You might want to schedule a little time with your chiropractor after riding it. It's bumpy and shakey, and it really makes you feel like it's completely out of control.  Now, when you read that, you're saying, "why the heck would I want to ride that??" The answer is, it's a huge rush.      

Take A Ride On The Predator

Want to see what it's like to take a ride on it...without actually getting on?  The ride itself only takes about a minute and a half from the time that you hear it release until they come back to the loading/unloading area.


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