Just a week after seeing the Buffalo bills destroy his beloved New England Patriots in the opening round of the NFL playoffs, Barstools Sports' El Presidente Dave Portnoy took to Twitter to give his take on who will win the Super Bowl this year.

Known for his pizza ratings, and for this amazing video of him watching the Micha Hyde interception of Mac Jones last week.


Dave Portnoy is now calling for the Buffalo Bills to win it all this year. He made this Tweet after both #1 seeds in the NFL playoffs the Green Bay Packers and the Tenessee Titans each lost their playoff gams on game-ending field goals.



With the loss by the Tennessee Titans, if the Bills beat the Kansas City Chiefs, and I think they will, the Bills would host the AFC Championship game for the first time since the early '90s.

But first, the Bills have to avenge their loss in the AFC Championship game last year to Kansas City this evening. The Bills are coming off a massive win over their AFC East rivals New England Patriots where they scored seven touchdowns on seven drives. Most NFL analysts have called that game the only perfect game in NFL playoff history.

The last time the Bills beat KC in the playoffs was back in 1993 on their way to another Super Bowl

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