Start 'em young!

It is not just the parents that are having some fun getting ready for the Buffalo Bills game this Saturday at 8:15 pm. It's the toddlers, too (even though, they probably will not even be awake for much of the game). Look what one woman is doing with her kids that she has at her daycare!

  • She paints the bottom of their left foot blue and places it on the piece of paper. Yes, it has to be the left foot because the right foot would make a shape that isn't as good to outline the 'Buffalo'.
  • Add a couple of 'legs'
  • After the blue foot paint dries on the paper, take some red paint and stripe it though after. All-Ah.
  • A very timely, masterpiece that you can put on your fridge brought to you by your kid.
  • Go Bills.

My mom is a daycare teacher and is getting the little guys amped up for the divisional round by making these awesome paintings! #BillsMafia

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