Retailers have schedules and plans on when to move items to make way for the new stock and if you know when it could save you money on the items you want or need! Purewow put out a list of the items you should look to buy in August!

  • Patio equipment - Retailers need to move in fall merchandise which means last minute summer savings for you. Sometimes as much as half off - at stores like Target and Macy’s.
  • Laptops - Laptop prices drop by as much as 25% in August to make them more affordable for students. Purepow suggest to check Best Buy for deals because they also offer price matching.
  • Lawn mowers - Since grass cutting season is almost over you can find as much as 15 to 20% off a new mower.
  • Swimsuits, sunhats, and espadrilles - Summer wardrobe need to be moved for the new season so shopping for bathing suits, shorts, and tanks now will score you deals as much as 60% off.
  • Backpacks - This is the time to buy backpacks, they will be the cheapest they will ever be now! Purewow suggest looking for  discounts on social media because thats where the company will post them first.
  • Tomatoes - Nows the time! Hit up the farmer’s market for the best deals of the season on tomatoes.

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