Country-folk group Delta Rae have released their first single, "A Long and Happy Life." Click play below to listen to the rocking, track about loving your roots, loving your people and loving your life.

With their drawn-out harmonies and polished instrumentation, Delta Rae sound like a band that's been around a while -- and, well, they have. The six-piece, Durham, N.C.-based group formed in 2009 and have been honing their skills by playing more than 100 live shows a year, including at festivals such as Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, Hangout, Lollapalooza and Tortuga. Liz Hopkins and Brittany Holljes front Delta Rae, and Holljes’ brothers Eric (on piano) and Ian (on guitar), as well as Mike McKee (on drums) and Grant Emerson (on bass), round out the band.

On Friday (March 24), Delta Rae will release their major-label debut EP, A Long and Happy Life, through the Valory Music Co. Written by the Holljes brothers, the disc's title track -- and Delta Rae's debut single -- puts the band's songwriting and vocal talents on full display with its larger-than-life sound, tempered by passionate and honest lyrics. A tribute to Southern literature, "A Long and Happy Life" references books such as William Styron’s Lie Down in Darkness, Pat Conroy’s The Prince of Tides and The Water Is Wide and Reynolds Price's A Long and Happy Life.

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"I was born to a family of jokers / Gamblers and smokers living on the line / I was raised by strong-headed women / Men who tested limits and did a little time," sings Hopkins in the first verse, before being joined by Holljes for the chorus: "I was born to love you / Out where the water is wide / Make me your country bride / You'll be my prince of tides / You were born to heal me / Under a velvet sky / Cattails dancing in the light / We were born to live a long and happy life."

Despite the heady lit references, "A Long and Happy Life" remains remains universally relatable thanks to its down-home beat. Just like the three other songs on Delta Rae's forthcoming EP, the song is meant to bring up great summertime memories.

“As a band, we strive to make people feel like they’re connected to each other through a place, an emotion or vivid moment in time,” says Brittany Holljes in a press release. “When you listen to these songs, envision the best summer of your life: It’s got young love and heartbreak, family and wildness, plenty of adventure."

Delta Rae will hit the road in May for their A Long and Happy Life Summer Tour 2017, during which they'll visit more than 50 cities through August. Visit their official website for more details and to purchase tickets.

Listen to "A Long and Happy Life" By Delta Rae

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