We're in the middle of winter and that means that it's that time of the year where snow and salt is everywhere. We just had a snowstorm on Monday, and there is still a ton of snow on the ground, and even still on the road.

Lots of salt is on the roads around Western New York, and the salt stains are all over many vehicles because of that. Winter just makes your car dirty with the salt, snow and mud that makes any car less appealing.

Car washes are a way of life in Western New York. Especially the spring. A car wash between March and May is usually full and even now, there are many car washes that have long lines as people try to clean off their cars.

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Delta Sonic's are a great way to clean your car and there are a ton of them in Buffalo. But because they can be so popular, those long lines can actually make it a dangerous spot for cars that are driving down the road, or cars trying to pull out of the car wash.

On my way home today, I drove by the Delta Sonic on McKinley pkwy in Buffalo (just before South Buffalo).

That car wash does not have the biggest parking lot. It's basically as big as a standard gas station and it gets so popular, the line backs out onto McKinley and even past the Bailey intersection. That's how little room there is in the car wash line and it creates a dangerous situation as people try and swerve out of the way of the car wash line that has backed onto the street and through the intersection.

The other is the Delta Sonic on Union Road in Cheektowaga, for the exact same reasons, although it was not as bad as what I witnessed today at the McKinley Delta Sonic.

The only thing I can think of is to create a bigger lot to allow more room for the cars going into the car wash.

Has anyone had trouble with this as well?

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