Imagine you go to get your car washed and you roll up on some huge snakes.  That's what happened in Amherst and now police want answers.

Amherst police are looking for answers now after not one, but two pythons were found at a Delta Sonic in Amherst.

Two snakes have been found at Delta Sonic in Amherst

Monday, authorities were alerted after a ball python was found at the Delta Sonic at 1355 Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst.  Amherst Animal Control had the snake on Monday but then turned it over to the SPCA on Tuesday.

This morning, a second snake was found in the same general area

Amherst Police were called this morning after a second snake was found near where the first one was found.  This time it was a pastel clown ball python and it was found inside a PVC pipe.  The SPCA was then called to rescue the snake.

That snake is now being cared for by the veterinary team at the SPCA's West Seneca Office.

Authorities are looking for answers

These snakes are obviously not native to this region and were probably pets that either escaped from someone's home or were abandoned.  When it comes to snakes like this, it's often the case that people don't realize how much care they require or they become scared of them as they get a little bigger, and instead of keeping them in their home, they will discard them somewhere.

They're encouraging people to speak up if they know of the owner or owners of these snakes.  If you have any information you can call the SPCA Animal Cruelty Investigations Department at (716) 875-7360, ext 214.  If you are uncomfortable leaving your name, they will respond to anonymous tips also.

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