Up until last night Celery has lost every single WCC race he had been in, 449 losses in all. At lasts night's 30th Anniversary (of Coca-Cola Field) they held one last race before Celery went into retirement.

Going into the race Celery was the heavy fan favorite, as he should be, but did that play a factor into the race last night? Would Celery get that one win he had been racing towards for all those years?

It looks like it was his night and it looks like it really seals the deal with Celery's future too. Celery finally pulled off a win in WCC Race!

Celebrations were had and there are even be a limited edition #JustOneWin t-shirt available. The crowd was pumped for the win but once the dust settles there might be mixed emotions  on the fact that one of the most popular gimmicks with their team will never be again.


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