There's something satisfying browsing homes for sale, even if you know there's no way you can afford some of them. The imagination runs wild when you look at beautiful homes, especially when those homes are located in Western New York.

There's a home for sale in Clarence and it looks simply incredible. In fact, "incredible," might not even be a strong enough word.

Listed on Zillow for $2 million, this home located on Rockledge Drive in Clarence has six bedrooms and six bathrooms, along with over 6,000-square-feet in total space.

The kitchen is huge with a spacious island and granite countertops. The living room is overly nice with a fireplace and then there's the huge bar room with a game room adjacent.

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Looking at the awesome photos, it sure looks like this home used to belong to a former Buffalo Sabres player, considering there's a ton of NHL and hockey memorabilia on the walls; plus the amount of Sabres items scattered throughout the bar and game rooms.

$2 million homes are few and far between in Western New York, and it's not out of the realm of possibility to assume a former Sabres player lived here.

Check out some of the photos, courtesy of Zillow.

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