So today while sitting at my desk at work I got a text message saying my Uber Code was 8671.

That would be fine if I ordered an Uber, but I didn't. It turns out that this has been an issue for some time now.

The code is issued when someone tries to sign up for Uber with a phone number. So, someone was trying to use my phone number for their Uber account.

While it is not a scam, officials from Uber say it can happen if there is a typo or and an automated bot is trying to create an account.

The best news is that the person with the correct phone number is not at risk according to Uber. The text is sent to verify the phone number BEFORE an account is created, which means if the person setting up the account does not have that code they can't create the account.

An official with Uber also recommends replying STOP to the message so you will not receive more messages in the future.

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