I've seen some pretty crazy things that people have tried to sell over the years, but this one is probably one of the strangest.

WIVB was the first to share the picture:

Yup...that is exactly what you think it is.  Someone is selling a coffin on the side of the road on Bullis in Elma.

There are sooo many questions here.

Why would someone have a coffin that wasn't used already?  Was it used already?  Was there a buy one, get one sale?  Did someone get some really bad news and then have a change in their luck?  Does it come with the trailer?

I'm not trying to be insensitive here.  It's just that you don't see this kind of thing every day.  I mean, if you're looking for a prop for Halloween or something, it makes total sense.  But this isn't like a fake pine box coffin.  This is the real deal.


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