It was just remodeled in 2019 and it's for sale now.  If you're thinking about getting into the restaurant business, this one could be perfect to get you started.

Thinking about starting up a restaurant but need a place that people will want to visit?  If you're a chef and your food is on point, there's a restaurant in North Collins that could be the perfect place to start.

It used to be called Speedy's

You may remember the building as the old Speedy's.  It was a very unique building that stood out in the village of North Collins at 10507 Main Street.

(Google Streetview)
(Google Streetview)

In 2019, the building was bought and remodeled by Josif Popjanevski.  He's better known around town as Three Star Joe (after his original restaurant that he still owns called Three Star Restaurant - also in North Collins).

Speedy's becomes Josif's Bar & Grill

In 2019, the remodel began for Josif's which took the restaurant to a whole new level.  It became a more upscale place to go and have a meal.

With brand new floors and a beautiful fireplace to eat by, every inch of the building has been redone from the bathrooms to the bar.

Click here to see more on the restaurant.

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Josif's Bar & Grill is now for sale

After nearly 4 decades in the restaurant business, Joe is looking to eventually retire and wants to turn Josif's over to someone who can get their start in a beautiful new restaurant.

Until a new owner is found, Josif's will continue to deliver the same product they've been giving it's customers since it reopened.

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