In honor of National Burrito Day this Thursday, April 4th, we’d like to pay our respects to one of the most massive burritos the Queen City has even seen. 

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Here in Western New York, we’ve hardly met a burrito that we didn’t like. They’re really quite simple; you only need a few basic ingredients to make a great one (tortillas, beans, protein, rice, salsa and veggies), but the amazing combinations you can make with those ingredients are endless.  

The Buffalo area is no stranger to great burritos. From the fast food basic Super Mighty from Mighty Taco, to small hometown spots like La Davina in Kenmore, to the truck and brick and mortar of Lloyd’s, we’ve come across tons of awesome burritos here in Western New York. 

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But if there’s one thing burrito lovers all over Buffalo know, it’s that the bigger, the better. And this could be the biggest, most enormous (and delicious) burrito in the 716. 

If you ask Western New York burrito aficionados to name some of their favorite local restaurants to grab one, you’re guaranteed to hear Burrito Bay on their list. 

Burrito Bay Outside
Anne R via Yelp

The small and unassuming spot, located in Getzville plaza between Millersport Highway and Stahl Road, may not look impressive at first. But inside their doors, you’ll find a menu of amazing Mexican food that reviewers say is “well worth stopping in,” especially because of their colossal portions at reasonable prices (usually between $10-$20 per person). 

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Although the majority of servings are huge at Burrito Bay, there’s one thing on their menu that is so notoriously gigantic that it’s even sparked its own food challenge.  

Is “The Glutton” The Biggest Burrito In Buffalo, New York?

The Glutton Burrito
Facebook via Burrito Bay

Burrito Bay’s most famous menu item is, without a doubt, “The Glutton;” a 3-pound monstrosity nearly the size of a baby, stuffed with your choice of meat, rice, beans, veggies and various toppings. 

Woman eating A glutton burrito

Seriously - how enormous is that thing? 

Buffalo New York's "Glutton Challenge"

If you’re brave enough to attempt Burrito Bay’s “Glutton Challenge,” we have one word for you - Godspeed. 

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The challenge includes completely finishing not one– but TWO massive Glutton burritos in under 30 minutes, and each burrito you order must contain the following:

  • One type of meat
  • One type of beans
  • One type of rice
  • One type of salsa
  • Three types of veggies

Eager contestants who succeed get a free t-shirt, their picture on Burrito Bay’s Wall-Of-Fame,  and a guaranteed stomach ache. (You’ll still have to pay for the burritos.)

Listen, we love burritos - but not that much. We’re fine just ordering just one of the gigantic Glutton burritos and saving the leftovers another meal (or two…or three). But if you’re interested in attempting the Glutton Challenge this National Burrito Day, you might not want to watch the video below before you go:

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