Normally you see businesses trying to "stick it to the competition" as often as they can.  But this restaurant is giving discounts if you support theirs.

How many times have you heard that businesses needed to do everything they can to get a "leg up on their competition?"  You take every competitive advantage you can to make sure that your business is successful.

That's not the case for Strong Hearts restaurant in Buffalo.  They're actually offering discounts for people who also eat at their competition's restaurant.

What is Strong Hearts Restaurant?

Strong Hearts Buffalo is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant on Niagara Street in Buffalo.  They were actually founded in Syracuse, NY in 2008 and opened another location here in Buffalo in 2022.  They describe themselves at a "fast-casual eatery leading the way in vegan comfort food style dining."

Why would they offer a discount to eat at their competitor's restaurant?

Quite simply, they believe in the vegan lifestyle and they want to help another vegan restaurant to succeed.  According to a post that they put up on Facebook, their competitor (Guud & Evul Vegan Eats) is beginning to struggle to keep their doors open and is considering putting animal products on their menu.  Strong Hearts would like to help them avoid that so they're offering a discount to people who eat there.

What do people need to do to get the discount?

If you'd like to help support them, Strong Hearts is asking that you stop in to Guud & Evul Vegan Eats in Tonawanda and spend at least $25 there.  within 10 days of your purchase there, we’ll give you 10% off your entire order placed in person at Strong Hearts Buffalo.

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