Who knew that there could be a rare type of egg when you are opening up the egg carton that you just bought from the grocery store? Apparently, it is one in a million and worth some money. A man in Buffalo, New York found the very rare egg while doing some baking.

The egg was found last year, but just in time for Easter it is still pretty cool.

I am sure you are asking exactly what we did: "is it a regular white egg?"

The answer is yes.

A baker at The Globe Market on Elmwood found the "one in a million" egg last week while doing his normal routine. What is so special about the egg? It is absolutely, perfectly round. Not egg-shaped. He says he has cracked possibly 60,000 eggs in his lifetime, but never one like this.

I felt it. It felt weird in my hand. I don't tend to look at the eggs before I crack them-just put it in position to crack it, but there was no 'position' to put it in. Google Search says that the odds of finding one are "one in a billion"", according to WKBW.

The baker who found the egg, Christopher Wahl said people were telling him to sell it. The last egg that was found like this was over in the UK and it sold for $112 American dollars.

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