When was the last time you had a Diet Coke? Actually, when was the last time you had any type of pop or soda? It seems almost taboo to drink any soft drinks in this day and age as water and juices seem to dominate. It may be time to take another look when you pass a Coke vending machine.

Among those that are being targeted by a new series of flavors are Millennials. Millennials are known for their health conscious choices and Coke is hoping they will start to purchase their new flavors.

According to a report filed by MetroSource News:

Coca-Cola will offer four new flavors, including "Ginger Lime," "Twisted Mango," "Feisty Cherry," and "Zesty Blood Orange," in newly-designed, skinny 12-ounce cans.

There are many who believe that even "diet" sodas are not good to drink because of the artificial sweeteners. However, I believe like anything else, it is all about moderation. Mixing in a water or two every day also is a good choice for any generation.


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