This weekend is the 2013 Dirty Girl Mud Run!

Let me start off by saying I am not a runner. My brother’s the runner. I prefer to think that if I need to run, I will, but other than that, I take my time. So I’ve only done a few other runs in my life, but this one was the perfect one for me!!

If you have never heard about or seen pictures of the Dirty Girl Mud Run, you are missing a whole lot! The Mud Run is all about finding a cure for breast cancer, educating women about health and supporting cancer victims and survivors. Dirty Girl will be contributing $250,000 to Bright Pink in 2013 to help support their cause.

I ran this year with 12 friends, and I will definitely do it again! We spent many hours thinking of names for our group (we were the Dirty Dozen), picking out what our shirts were going to look like, and then, in the end, putting it all together. Just to get completely muddy!! This was our first year, and we made the decision to run early in the morning, which ended up being a great idea since it got really busy after that.

Really the Dirty Girl Mud Run isn’t your usual run. The run is really for any women (sorry, guys, it's just for the ladies), no matter your age or athletic ability. The whole race is untimed and meant for you to get the confidence to try obstacles that you might not ever try on your own! There are 12 obstacles with names like the Barn Burner, PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff), Down and Dirty and Net Working. You seriously don’t know what you are going to get at the next obstacle. I am pretty proud of myself for not chickening out on any of the obstacles. With slippery, muddy hands, I even climbed this giant rope structure, and I’m not too big on heights!

I have posted some before and after shots of the group. We were all clean and fancy-looking in the beginning, but by the end, we were dirty!! Our shirts went from pink to brown! Don’t worry about getting cleaned up, though -- in the end, they do have rinsing stations, which are really just garden hoses, and changing stations.

There were races today, and then they have more waves of races tomorrow. If you didn’t get a chance this year to be part of this amazing event, I definitely suggest next year you get a group of girlfriends together, sign up and get dirty! Maybe we will see you there!!