It's hot in Buffalo. Real hot. How many times in the past 2 days have you gone out loud to yourself "wow, it's hot" as sweat drips down you as you try to figure out how to cool yourself down? Probably a lot.

Today is the 7th day in a row that Western New York has had a temperature of 90 degrees or more and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on if you have air conditioning or not), you're hardly getting a break. We'll see these temps for the next 48 hours, but rain is in the forecast Saturday, before the high temps continue.

With all of this hot weather, you've probably been struggling with your lawn, spending tons of time watering it to make sure it does not die completely. If it dies, it only causes more problems because then you have to plant new seed next year, but if you follow this one trick it could save your lawn.

How do you know if you're watering enough? Try the tuna can trick.

Take a tuna can and empty it out and put it in the lawn while you have your sprinkler on. Once it fills up with the fallen water, that's when you'll know your lawn has gotten enough water for that time.

Some other basic tips that can help, especially in these hot times:

  1. Make sure that you water during the early morning and at night time before you go to bed. The plants and grass can absorb the water before it evaporates in the heat.
  2. Raise your mower height. When you have to cut, if you cut it low, it is easier for the grass to burn out.
  3. Lastly, PREPARATION for next time. Start watering consistently BEFORE a long dry spell happens and look for certain weed fertilizer like Scott's summer bags--it will help the grass prepare to retain water.

Of course...if all else fails, you can just do what Val does and paint LOL You'll see what I mean.

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