Whether the lack of rain has left your garden looking dull, or if you're overrun with weeds -- stop hating and start painting.

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This project was inspired by Kim Kardashian's newly redecorated enchanted forest-style bathroom.

The spectacular flowers were installed by Mark's Garden, a Los Angeles-based luxury floral designer. The bathroom redesign was reportedly a gift from Kardashian's husband Kanye West, after the sale of 20% of her company, KKW Beauty, to Coty in a deal that puts her company's value at over $1 billion.

So I have a wild area in my backyard that's a mix of ferns, wildflowers and weeds. Rather than try to keep the weeds at bay, or trim out all the dull dry plants, I decided to embrace them.

All I needed were a few cans of floral spray paint that I ordered from Amazon. It's safe to use on fresh flowers and plants, and can be a fun way to create your own backyard enchanted garden.

Check out the before and after:

So if the recent hot weather and lack of rain has your plants looking more like hay instead of heyyyyyy, or if you're looking to create a special backyard space, give painting them a shot.

I used five colors to complete the looks in my garden, a dark purple, light purple, bold orange, silver and gold.

Be sure you're using floral spray paint -- regular paint will kill your plants.


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