Here we go again. The sports world is "on pins and needles" waiting to hear what Tiger Woods has to say. I think it is getting a bit old. Useless news conferences that basically give us zero information. My guess is that we can expect pretty much the same from Tiger Woods. 

According to Yahoo Sports, Tiger Woods is holding a news conference today and the speculators have been going crazy. Will he retire? Will he call it quits for the year? Is he getting re married? Unless it is an announcement about his retirement from golf, does it matter to most people? At what point can we as viewers, readers and listeners say that enough is enough. Guys like Tiger Woods seem to have to always be in the news. Let's face it. Since his extra marital affair he hasn't been the same golfer. Actually since his knee injuries he hasn't.Should we even care what he has to say? Can't he simply release a statement?

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