Yesterday on my Noon Tunes show, someone requested "Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas" and it got me thinking about the meaning of the term "redneck". Is the word used for stereotyping people from the South who may be a bit different from you and me? Or does being a redneck mean that you are backward, behind the times and stiuck in older ways of doing things? Or does it mean you are poor and can't afford to live the way most people do so you tend to live cheaply? Or is the term "redneck" just a representation of an attitude among certain Americans to live your life how you see fit without worrying about what your neighbors think? I tend to think that being a "redneck" is more about embracing the idea of living your life without fear and a willingness to take pride in what your are doing without trying to fit in with what society says you have to be. Here's some videos of some people showing their redneck pride.