Every time you hit the road here in Western New York you are expected to act in a certain way.

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It doesn't always come from a book or lessons, there are certain rules of the road here in Buffalo that every driver should know.

These rules have been adopted by drivers in the 716 and you won't see them in any DMV study guide or book as you get ready for your road test. Just like baseball's unwritten rules, you don't know you have broken a rule until you actually break the rule.

So in order to help drivers all across Western New York, we wanted to put some of these unwritten rules down on paper so that next time you hit the 90 or drive down Transit road, you won't offend your fellow drivers.

Some of these rules are common sense, some are there to make you a better driver, and some are there to make sure you are not annoying your fellow drivers while on the road.

These unwritten rules come on top of all the rules and laws that you should always be following when you are on the road. Slowing down at Yellow lights, not going 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, and no turning right on red if a sign is posted. These rules are there to keep you and other drivers safe on the road.

These unwritten rules are here to make sure that your drive around the Queen City is the best driver that you and other drivers on the road can have.

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