It's National Pet Week, a week dedicated to celebrating our fur babies, family pets, best friends, working animals, and special companions. National Pet Week runs through Saturday, May 7, 2022.

National Pet Week® celebrates the pets that enrich our lives and encourages responsible pet care every day of the year. Created by the AVMA and the Auxiliary to the AVMA in 1981, it's observed during the first full week of May each year. Whether companion, comedian, confidant, or protector, our pets are always there for us. National Pet Week® celebrates this bond and encourages pet owners to be certain to provide their best friends with everything needed for a happy, healthy life.

Many of us consider our pets to be members of the family. They get treated with the same love and respect as the 'hooman' family members. But one thing to keep in mind is that not every pet may be treated the same way that yours is. Some animals are less friendly due to an abusive background or former home. Other pets are trained to work as service animals and might be on duty.

That's why experts warn that if you see a dog with a red collar, red leash, red harness, or red bandana, you should be cautious in approaching the dog. Red on a dog can mean several things - think of it as a stoplight. It could mean that the dog is potentially aggressive to strangers. It could also mean that the dog is a service or emotional support animal that should not be touched, as it is working. Not every pet parent is aware of these color guidelines but it's best to be on the safe side. If you have the urge to physically interact with the animal or get close to it, wait until you are able to get clarification from the owner or guardian of the animal. You should also keep this in mind when it comes to buying a color collar for your furry family member. You may send a warning about your pet without even realizing it, based on the color you choose. Collar colors have different meanings, you can see each of them below.

Here's The Meaning Of Dog Collar Colors

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