As a rescue dog owner, this story absolutely breaks my heart.

The Niagara County SPCA is asking for help sharing the story of an adorable dog named Bella.

Bella's body is covered in scars and wounds. She came to the SPCA right before Christmas and it took some time for her to warm up to the amazing workers there who gave Bella the love and attention she deserves.

Now, the SPCA is trying to help Bella find her forever home with owners that will treat her right and show her the kind and warm nature she needs.

I can't even fathom harming a dog like that. When we adopted our dog Odessa in 2018, we saw other dogs who were also abused in some form or fashion. Odessa has a scar on her head and we aren't sure how she got it, and neither did the shelter.

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Bella looks so sweet and loving. I'm hopeful this story gets spread around enough for her to find that forever home she deserves.

Let's all help Bella out!

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