Sometimes you hear of stories about dogs, to no fault of their own, spending way too long at the SPCA. Maybe it's their age that scares people off or the size of the dog, but most of the time, these dogs that have a hard time finding a forever home are actually the sweetest and most lovable of all.

That's the story of this gorgeous dog named Leia.

Leia has been at the Niagara County SPCA for 284 days! The shelter is asking for the public's help in finding her a forever home here in Western New York.

Leia loves to hug and give snuggles, so if you're hoping for a lovable kind of dog, then she's for you!

She's also fine around kids and gets along with other (quieter) dogs. There's literally no reason why a dog this sweet should be having a hard time finding a forever home.

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When you go to the SPCA, it's nearly impossible not to fall in love with a dog or even multiple pooches. We adopted a beagle/pitbull mix named Odessa in 2018 and didn't even plan on adopting that day -- she just won us over when we first met her and the rest is history!

Let's help Leia find a forever home and make sure she doesn't spend another day at the SPCA.

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