The need for blood donations is great as we begin the new year and if it has been sometime since you donated, there is a pretty sweet incentive.

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According to reports, Perry's Ice Cream has teamed up with
ConnectLife to give you free ice cream if you donate your blood before January 30th. Anyone who wants to set up an appointment can visit or call 716-529-4270.

Who says it has to be a hot day to enjoy some delicious, locally made, ice cream? 2020 was certainly a year to forget but in many ways, we learned about the importance of giving and helping one another. There might not be any better way to support your community and possibly save lives than donating blood.

When you donate, according to their website, you can save up to 3 local patients at Western New York hospitals! So it truly is a LOCAL group effort that is happening with this tasty promotion! Happy New Year!

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