The nation is struggling with more supply chain issues.  This time it's affecting baby formula and some moms are wondering how they can help.

Every family has to choose what is right for them.  Some choose to breastfeed, others don't but all babies need to eat.  There are a couple of places that exist to help both families.  Whether you're in need of a healthy source of food for your baby or you can help to provide that for a family in need, they connect these families with options.

You may have seen that one of the Buffalo Bills' wives, Caitlin Morse (the wife of Buffalo Bills Center Mitch Morse) had the idea of donating her surplus breast milk.

She was wondering where she could do that here in Western New York and plenty of people spoke up.  I'm sure there are plenty of moms out there who are wondering the same thing.

In many cases, there is a very thorough process that donors will have to go through including blood tests in order to make sure that everyone stays healthy.

1. Catholic Health Services - Donations can be dropped off at  .  These donations will go to The New York Milk Bank.

For more information on donating to the Catholic Health Milk Bank Depots please contact:

2. Oishei Children's HospitalFor more information, call the Oishei Children's Hospital Lactation Department at (716) 323-1838 or email

3.  Baby's Sweet Beginnings - They are officially a donation center for the New York Milk Bank.  You can donate your extra breast milk and help the life of a newborn.  Call their store for more information and find out how you can help, get screened and tested. Call 716-681-8100.

4. Human Milk For Babies - This is a Facebook group that has been developed for donations of breast milk.  Join the group by clicking here.

5. Eats On Feets - This is a Community-based breastmilk sharing network that is determined to help ensure that babies have access to commerce-free and safe donor breastmilk.  Click here for the Eats on Feets New York Facebook page.

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