My wife and I are expecting in August and for the most part, people are great. We are so excited and when our friends and family get excited that gets us even more excited. It is our first child and when it comes to our friend group, I would say we are about in the middle of the pack. We are just to that age where half of our friends have kids and the other half do not yet.

But, if you have had a baby before, there are things that you just shouldn't say to expecting parents.

Whether it be unsolicited advice or just comments that are just obnoxious. Having a baby, especially for the first time is life-changing, I am sure of that. I believe you. But, the first thing that some people will tell you is something negative. How it is going to change your life followed up by a negative example.

We all can agree on this: some people just do not think before they start talking.

It is the happiest time in a couple's life so before you go telling them how their life is going to change and how things are going to be so different, think about how you are saying that. After all, we do not have the baby yet. So to us, it just sounds like you are having a hard time and it sounds like you can't wait for other people to join you.

What is the most annoying or irritating thing that you heard people say when you were expecting your first baby?

The Most Annoying Things To Say To Expecting Parents

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