If you are in the Halloween spirit and are working on craving a Jack-O-Lateran, make sure you don't use this to preserve your pumpkin this year.

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There is a special tip going around social media this year asking people to not preserve their Jack-O-Lateran this year with bleach.

Over the years, one of the tips to help allow your Jack-O-Lateran to last through Halloween was to dip it in a mixture of bleach. The problem is that wildlife sometimes treat your pumpkin as food and bleach can be deadly for those animals.

Officials with Wildwood Wildlife Park and Safari said that using a vinegar and water mix will still let help preserve your Jack-O-Lateran but in the case where some animals nibble on it, that mixture won't be toxic for them.

So this year, go crazy and decorate for Halloween but take a moment to think about all the critters around your neighborhood.


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