If you have kids that are having in-school classes this Fall, you know that most schools in Western New York are having both students and teachers wear a mask while inside the school. You might want to double-check to see what masks your school will allow before buying a mask for your child.

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My son Avry will be a Sophomore at Sweet Home High School and they are using a hybrid model where he will be in school two days a week and remotely learn the other three days.

They just sent home a letter to parents outlining what masks will be allowed in the school and which ones are not.

It looks most masks will be allowed, but neck gaiters, bandanas, and valve masks will not.

Here is what Sweet Home School District approved for Masks.

Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM 2020

Here are the types of masks that students cannot wear while in school at Sweet Home.

Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM 2020

If you have not heard about what masks are allowed at your child's school, you might want to contact the school's principal or check out the school's website.

Every school district in Western New York is handling "Back to School" a little bit different than each other.


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