If you had to describe yourself to someone so that they could draw your portrait without seeing you, what kind of things would you say? Would you use words like wrinkly, old or fat? Or would you use words like bright, happy, and beautiful. This experiment opened my eyes to the way that some people view themselves.

A group of women were told to go into a room where a forensic artist sat with a drawing board. Neither one of them could see the other. The artist then drew their pictures simply using the description that the women gave to him.

Then he had other people come into the same room and describe the same person. It's amazing how different the pictures came out.

It's also very of sad. It's sad that beautiful women don't see themselves that way. I understand that it's a marketing campaign, but I love the idea. I love that a company is trying to make beautiful women feel beautiful. Great job, Dove!

Ladies, take a second today to try to see yourself through others' eyes. If no one has said it to you yet today, I'll do it. You're beautiful. Certainly more beautiful than you might think.

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