Most of us have gone camping in some form or fashion.

Typically, that means either camping traditionally with a tent or perhaps it's that amazing "glamping" experience, which features an RV and modern technology enhancements with a nature feel.

Sometimes you book a trip to a log cabin, which is one of my favorite things to do for a vacation.

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If you have some extra money to throw around (as in, a lot of money), then you can purchase one of the absolute coolest log cabin homes not just in Western New York, but one of the nicest in the entire State of New York.

Located in Holland, NY, this dream log cabin home is listed for $900,000 on Zillow and while it looks tremendous on the outside, it looks other worldly on the inside.

It's only minutes from East Aurora and a short drive from the 400. It features three bedrooms and three bathrooms, with a ton of property space and secluded in the woods and forest for extra privacy.

The living areas look awesome and the ceilings are huge, but the bathrooms are what I gravitate to the most, along with the stunning bedrooms. The work done with the wood and the furnishing is amazing and would be a dream to live in.

It also features a game room and a wonderful-looking kitchen. Check out some photos below.

Dream Log Mansion in Western New York

Step inside this dream log cabin mansion in Holland, New York.

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