When life gives you lemons, you might as well go fishing!

At least that is what Stephen Veals thought. After losing his job, and going thru some tough times, he decided to make his dreams come true. He set a goal of going out to fish every single day in 2018. That's right, all 365 days including holidays and birthdays!

In a blog he published, he wrote how it all started:

I lost my job of seven years. My father-in-law passed away from a slow and agonizing battle with cancer. My yellow lab of twelve years had to be put down in front of me. My seventeen-year-old, 1994 Toyota pickup from high school finally tapped out (the only vehicle I’d ever owned and I’m thirty-one). And to top it all off, we were still stuck with an administration that couldn’t wait to sell off more and more of our hard-earned public lands to the greedy fossil fuel industry.  There were countless excuses to lose faith and remain depressed.

He made a bet with a friend on who could get more "Total Days on the Water" in 2018. So what began as a way to keep his mind off his problems turned into a year-long challenge.

Here is how he ends his blog:

So what did I learn after fishing more than most average-Joes get to fish in an entire lifetime? The lesson here remains the same: Fish. Every. Single. Day.

Who cares how dumb you look bringing a fly rod to a Napa Valley wine tasting room? Let your buddies laugh. Let your boss laugh at you. Let the whole world think you’re crazy.


You may even be certifiable, but at least you’re catching fish while you undergo a mental re-evaluation of your life’s goals. We’re on this earth a short time and the sand keeps slipping through the hour glass…


Fight to keep it upright as long as you can…and don’t forget to teach someone to fish along the way.

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