If you are hungry for live country music, wait no longer.  There's a show coming to The Stage tomorrow night (5/22) where the performer is just as excited to play as you are to hear it.

Drew Baldridge just got married a few days ago, and he is excited to be playing for you tomorrow night at The Stage (8166 Main Street in Williamsville).  It's a 4pm show and tickets will be available at the door for just $15.

We would encourage you to call ahead to make sure they are not over capacity. (716) 568-9005

Drew called Brett Alan to talk about everything from the wedding, to music during the lockdown, and the show at The Stage.  Here's what he had to say:

On Getting Married

Drew just got married a couple weeks ago.  When asked what it was like planning a wedding during a pandemic, he admitted that he was lucky to have had his wedding where he did.  He said he didn't really have to cut his invite list down barely at all and it was a really beautiful day.


The Father/Daughter Dance was a song that he had written himself

The song is called "She's Somebody's Daughter."  It's a song that he wrote just for his wife back in 2019 and he admits that when he watched her dance to that song, he broke down like a baby.

"I cried like a baby, like a big sis."


Believe it or not, he wrote the Mother/Son Dance song too

While he doesn't think he'll probably ever release that one, he admits it was more of a gift to his mom to say thank you on their special day.


You guessed it...he wrote all of the special song dances for his wedding

When you're a song writer and a performer, what better way to mark an occasion than to write a song for it.  But that can really add up when you're already trying to plan a very special wedding day.

The Baldridge & Bonfires Tour started with a simple message on facebook

Drew is on a tour that has included private parties in people's backyards.  He just put a message on facebook asking who would like a show and tons of people responded.

"Everybody wants music.  Everybody's super hungry."


It doesn't matter how big the crowd is

He said, he has a new outlook when it comes to performing music these days.  He doesn't take for granted how much he loves to perform for people.  It doesn't matter if it's 12 people with an acoustic guitar...he appreciates the opportunity to perform.

Drew Baldridge
The Stage
8166 Main Street
Williamsville, NY

Saturday May 22, 2021
4pm Start





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