There have been warnings in the past about leaving certain items in the car but I don't think anyone knew a dry shampoo bottle of all things, could do the damage it ended up doing to a woman's car in St. Louis, Missouri.

Christine Debrecht says a dry shampoo bottle that was left in the center console of her daughter's car, exploded and left the car with a hole in the sunroof. The bottle was found 50 feet away.

“We were all shocked we had no idea what happened we thought fell from the sky or something like that,” said Debrecht. “It looked like a tornado hit the inside of the car.”

According to WIVB, Debrecht's daughter had just bought the car three months prior.

“I just want moms and kids to know this product they might be carrying could be dangerous and to now keep it in their car,” said Debrecht.

Read the full story at WIVB.

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