If you've ever seen the A&E show called "Duck Dynasty" you may already know that all of the Robertson family members are characters.  But, did you know that one of the family members played football in college and could have gone on to play in the NFL?  He even had a very popular hall of fame NFL quarterback as his backup!

It's evident that Phil Robertson loves hunting.  He's made millions of dollars off of the sport.  But even before he made his money he was a huge hunter.  Ask Terry Bradshaw, the backup quarterback to Phil when he played football at Louisiana Tech.  He would tell you that Robertson used to come to practice with squirrels in his pockets.

If he was good enough that he had a hall of fame quarterback backing him up, then why wouldn't he continue on in the sport?  According to Inquisitr, it just wasn't worth the risk to him...plus he'd miss duck season.

In the ‘60s, the late ‘60s, the going price was $60,000. You make the team? 60 grand. I thought, ‘And I miss duck season? And I have large, violent… men chasing me trying to stomp me in the dirt?’ It just seemed like a lot of stress and not a lot of money.”

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