The winter weather can be tricky to deal with here in New York State. However, it is made worse when people do dumb things. For example, when people drive like they have never been on a snowy road before.

The lake effect snow machine is easing back, for now. Portions of New York State got as much as 75 inches of snow and others, got nearly an inch. The forecast is calling for warming temperatures next week and even some rain.

Those who are responsible for cleaning up the snow, and plowing the roads, in New York State have an around-the-clock job sometimes. It can be exhausting! To make things more difficult, there are people on the roads who are not only impatient, they are as one person called this driver, "a dumb ass".

"Dumb Ass" Driver Hits A New York State Snowplow! [WATCH]

Thankfully, according to the New York State DOT, no one was seriously hurt after this incident. A few things that are wrong with this driver's decision. They appear to be going too fast for the conditions and they are trying to pass on what appears to be a curve. It would not be a good idea to do that on a dry road let alone a road that is icy and snowy. This is another reminder to be safe for the rest of this winter.

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