The only thing remaining in the Buffalo Bills off-season schedule is the mandatory minicamp, which will take place between June 13th and June 15th at One Bills Drive. Outside of that, we have to wait until the last week of July, when the team reports to training camp at St. John Fisher University.

The Bills are once again a contender, although perhaps not the Super Bowl favorite, like they were a year ago.

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The Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles are the other top contenders in the NFL but Buffalo should definitely be in there as well.

Because the Bills have become one of the NFL's best and most consistent teams, along with pulling in big ratings, they have transitioned to having 5-6 primetime games per season. 2023 was no different with five of them on the docket.

The Bills also get two 4:25 pm start times for home games: November 19th against the New York Jets and December 17th against the Dallas Cowboys. Those two games also sandwiched with two other 4:25 pm games on the road; against the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs.

The Bills only play three 1 pm games on 2023; two of them in September. They play three night games and two 4:25 pm home games. The other home game is in London against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

This might mean traffic is actually easier for Bills fans, at least going to the games.

The reason is because for 1 pm games, there's a finite amount of time to get to the stadium and tailgate...which means fans are all getting to the stadium area at the same exact time.

For 4:25 pm and 8:15 pm games, it's more spread out. For those going to private lots, they could get there as soon as mid-to-late morning, with others getting to the Bills-owned lots two or three hours before kickoff.

That's something I noticed last year for the night games. It was an easier drive into the stadium for those getting there early.

The new stadium's construction is in the early stages, and while parking there won't happen, the later start times for home games might actually relieve inbound traffic for fans in Orchard Park.

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