Before the new year even started, many people were talking about and planning for the next solar eclipse. All over New York State there will be viewing parties and fun surrounding the eclipse but one may be the most unique.

This year's solar eclipse is going to be historic and will pass over a good portion of the United States. Weather permitting, the total eclipse will pass over much of New York State on April 8th around 3pm.

Need a place to watch it? Love baseball? The Syracuse Mets have a seat waiting for you. The first 10-thousand people at NBT Bank Stadium on April 8th will get commemorative glasses courtesy of Visit Syracuse. The Mets will also have a game that day and tickets will be on sale soon.

NASA has done a great job getting the information out and have even put together this great video that shows the path of the eclipse.

Yes, you will need some sort of eye protection for this solar event. According to NASA:

When watching a partial or annular solar eclipse directly with your eyes, you must look through safe solar viewing glasses (“eclipse glasses”) or a safe handheld solar viewer at all times. Eclipse glasses are NOT regular sunglasses; regular sunglasses, no matter how dark, are not safe for viewing the Sun.

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