When you're excited about your newest record, it can be hard to pick just one song as your favorite. That's especially true for the guys in Eli Young Band, who have already received a No. 1 single from their latest release.

Though '10,000 Towns' just hit shelves on March 4, the group has already seen 'Drunk Last Night' soar to the top of the charts. With 10 other great songs in addition to the hit, it's understandably difficult for the foursome to pick a favorite song. And as you can imagine, they each have an opinion of what song means the most to them.

"I think the song that we're most excited about, or at least I am, 'Prayer for the Road,' is one of those tunes that the four of us really put everything we had into it when we were writing it," frontman Mike Eli explains. "And then when we went into the studio to record it, I think we really knocked in out of the park when we figured out exactly how the arrangement was going to happen."

The fact that the four members of the group really joined together on the song meant a lot to Eli -- it's why he chose it at his favorite -- but bassist Jon Jones had another song in mind.

"There's a song called 'What Does' which I think I'm most excited about right now on the record," Jones shares. "It's kind of the only slow breakup song on the record and so it stands out that way."

Chris Thompson, on the other hand, is most fired up about the band's new single, 'Dust.' "It's a great story. It's an empowering song and it's also really rockin'," the drummer dishes.

James Young picks a song that he refers to as "rootsy" and "bluesy." "It just turned out really cool and really dark and swampy," he says of his favorite, 'Revelations.'

Eli Young Band's '10,000 Towns' is now available on iTunes. Be sure to check out each of the members' favorite songs!

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